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Post  MapleLeafNinja on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:51 am

((Waa, I hope I don't mess up too badly! ;^; ))

Canada Head!Canon ^_^ Tumblr_m1g0ujS1mz1qe4tg6o2_500

Name: Matthew Williams
Country: Canada

Physical Appearance:

Age: Not stated, but as most people assume he and America are twins, going with 19
Height: 177 cm (that's 5' 10" for those not using the metric system)
Eye Color: Purple or dark blue, depending on the light (or anime/manga x3)
Hair Color: Blond

Personality: Matthew is pretty shy around new people, but gradually warms up to them. For unknown reasons he tends to be basically invisible most of the time, so he's not a very noticeable person. He doesn't like being mistaken for his brother, but sometimes he takes advantage of this to play tricks. That day Obama was locked out of the White House? Yup, that was him. Also, don't get between him and his hockey in any way, shape or form. He is not the second largest country in the world for nothing, you know.

Relatives: He has a brother, America, and his pseudo-parents/guardians are France and England. Also, he has a pet polar bear named Kuma(insert random ending).

Fears: He isn't really afraid of much, but he doesn't like being left alone for very long periods of time. With the fact that no one seems to notice him, he thinks that eventually he might be forgotten altogether.

Relationships: America, his brother, isn't always the greatest guy, but he comes through in a pinch, even though most of the time he's asking Canada for something, or Canada takes the fall when he gets mistaken for his brother. France is his papa, and is one of the few people who continuously notices him. Some might say it's because France just wants to get into his pants (ha, that rhymes!), but he does love his little Kanata ^^ In the constant battle between France and England over custody of the N.A. bros, France is often seen as the father and England as the mother, mainly because England is always trying to stuff baked goods down the boys' gullets (Also, it's England. No man should look that good in a frilly pink apron x3). England himself had custody of Canada as a member of the Commonwealth for well over 250 years, until Canada just asked nicely if he could be a country and England let him (seriously, that's pretty much what happened). England usually notices Canada, but more often than not he at first mistakes him for America. He's getting better at this lately though. They're good friends and England is more likely to treat him as a grown-up than France, who likes to treat Canada like a little kid (which I don't blame him for, he's so cute! *wants to pinch Cana-chan's cheeks*)
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